My Favourite Things

If Oprah can share her favourite things, then so can I!

Online Desire Map Course by Danielle Laporte

Online DYI Desire Map Course with Danielle Laporte – An online course with video and worksheets. With a community of others, you can connect with others. Do this class when you want to work towards living with intention. Once you know how you want to feel, it is easier to make goals and choices. One of my feelings while going through a divorce was worth. People would tell me; I would never be able to make it on my own after my separation. I remember repeating this motto myself, ‘I am worth more, I am worth better.’ I would say, ‘I am worth it’ when I was facing a decision. I was up grading my life, open to experiences and was able to make it on my own. Purchase this course, and you can claim four free coaching calls to support you through finding your core desires. Contact me to find out more.

I love my truthbomb decks. I often pull a truthbomb in the morning to focus on during meditation or reflect on during the day. They can create laughter or ease my heart when it is needed. They have a way of returning me to my soul and giving peace.

Online The Work Course by Byron Katie

I have studied Byron Katie and her method of turning one’s thoughts around, to finding a view that is more freeing to the mind. Byron Katie was in a deep depression when she went through a life-changing event and realized that believing her thoughts, was causing her suffering. The four questions used in The Work process are one of many tools I use during coaching. I could have believed the thought that ‘I cannot make it on my own’ after my separation, I did, after all, have a few people tell me that. That thought did me no good. I felt terrible, weak, defeated, dependant. When I turned the view to ‘I can make it on my own,’ I felt empowered, worthy, resourceful and independent. All the feelings that I wanted to feel. Purchase this course and you will receive two free coaching calls. Contact me to find out more.

Books I often curl up with, pass around or recommend to others.

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