I have been through many different things that have shaped who I am now:

I was born with a foot issue, that causes chronic pain on a daily occurrence, yet is invisible to others.  I know the pains we hide while proving we fit in.

I have an older sibling with a mental disability, who has taught me how to see happiness in small moments.  Growing up in her world I developed strong empath and intuition, that helps me see individuals deeper then the words they use.  I more then just hear conversations.  I see and feel conversations, this helps in getting to the root of the issue.  I can sit with a person who is in pain and struggling, silently, while they go through hard moments and emotions.  Letting them know, this space is safe and their is no judgement.

I have lived on a hobby farm and in a major city.  Being around nature grounds us to this place we call earth.  Plants and pets, in our homes help to do this when living in fast moving, man made places.  There is always time to slow it down, breath it in and reconnect.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Early Childhood Credential Bachelor’s, Infant Massage Instructor Certification, Completed Martha Beck Life Coach training. As well as participated multiple times in,  Walks for Women’s cancers and Bike of MS.

I have two teens who I stayed at home with during their first few years.  It was during that time that I wanted to do more, but felt stuck. I volunteered at their schools, their evening activities, connect to people in my neighbourhood via book club, did fitness at the local community center.  Yet, I felt there was more to life.

Then I suffered from thunderclap headaches.  The most intense headaches you can imagine in the time it takes to snap your fingers.  I was hospitalized, and completely dependent on others, bedpan dependant. The simple act of sitting up could trigger a headache.  I was forced to slow down, rest more, ask for help and accept it.  I got stronger, gain my independence again.

Then my mother was diagnosed with cancer.  I was living half a country away raising my children at the time.  We connected in ways we could, one favourite was playing card games online.  After returning from a vacation in Europe with my husband at the time, we heard it was terminal.  I took time to travel out and spend what time I could with her.  My family was there for her last Thanksgiving and Christmas. Where we would make it as magical as one could with a parent in hospice.  Every time I left my mother to return home, I assumed it was the last time. I would be a weeping mess on the flights.

After my mother passed away I wondered what to do next.  I was still a stay at home parent, volunteering, yet still not feeling joy, happiness or connection.  I made a list of times in life I felt authentic joy.  This lead to returning to work at a place I enjoy.  I work with toddlers and preschoolers, enjoying the moments of curiosity and exploration, as they form connection to the world around them. Yet still something was missing.

I had felt a disconnect from my husband.  He would be tired and grumpy at the end of the work day, I seemed to be blamed for everything. We did not want to spend time together.  One day he sat on the corner of our bed, telling me he no longer loved me, has not loved me for a while and that I was too independent to need love.  A few days later I found out he had a girlfriend and they were on a weekend away together.  So much suddenly made sense, why he was short tempered with the kids and I, why he was out more often.  Why I felt I needed to get out of the marriage… yet I stayed.  The moment I found out there was another women I took a stand and changed my life.


I am worth love. I am worth better. I am worth it!


Since then, I have build my life based on joy, love, happiness, authenticity, connection, and intuition. I was hired on part time at work.  I divorced. I completed training as a Martha Beck Life Coach. Became a Desire Map and Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator. I meet a man who accepts me and my children, for who we are. I travel. I geocache. I hold hands and space, for women going through their darkest moments, and then shine a light on them as they claim their joy and worth.  I coach women to live their dreams and be who they REALLY are.  In doing so they create joy in their work, love in their relationships and spread happiness wherever they go.

Take a stand, claim your worth, and book a chat to discuss building the life you desire.