Welcome to finding your Joy!

Does this sound familiar?

You are feeling stressed out. The thought of your to-do list gives you anxiety. You say no to the things you want to do because you’re too busy saying yes to something you have to do. Not enough hours in the day to complete your to-do list. Seem like your sleepwalking through life. You are feeling disconnected from your partner. You are wondering if this relationship is the right one.
You are likely asking yourself, How did I get to this point? Why is this life, not like the one in my childhood dreams? Does being an adult suck this much? These questions swirl through your head as you shuffle through life, making dinner, driving children to and from their activities, sitting beside your partner on the couch, sitting behind your desk at work. By the end of the day, you’re exhausted and wondering where the time is for you and the dreams you have. You’re even wondering who you are.

You need a life coach!

As your life coach, I listen to your fears, stresses, anxieties and the dreams you once had. We see where you are now and where your dreams are. We identify the blocks that are holding you back. Together we reduce the struggles of daily life and define the action steps needed to obtain your goals. I listen, give you space to unload, help you find the root of the issue and coach you through to achieve the dreams you have. You will feel lighter, wake-up looking forward to your day and know the actions needed to live the life you want.
You may find a new you, one who is on a dream vacation, doing work you enjoy, in a loving relationship, and saying yes to what you want!

Find feelings of peace and joy rather than stress and fear. Live life intently!

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